Teka VR 90 4G And Nicolas Vahe Accessories


Ref :
Teka.com : VR 90 4G AI AL TR
QuadModelisation are based on the CAD original manufacture model.
Nicolas Vahé : Kitchen Accessories and Casseroles with Lid (3,2/4,8/5,5 liters)
Ornemanta.com : Melograno
Carapelli.fr : Oil bottles


  • Models are based on the original manufacturer dimensions.
  • QuadModelisation / Editable Poly
  • Materials and objects are well named for easy manage (english or french). No special character with accents.
  • Clean scene (no camera, no light, strip all path textures, clean Medit)
  • A unique WireColor for easy select.
  • Rendered in the 2009 version with Vray 2.4
  • All in a RAR file (WinRAR 5.0)
    The archive contains  : MAX file (2009+) / Vray (2.4+) + FBX file (FBX2012) + textures (jpg and/or png, tif, tga, bmp) + Render Preview


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